Nature & wildlife areas

The Eastern Rhodopes are a truly
mosaic of various landscapes.
Our nature areas have particular
habitats for plants, birds and animals

offering unique opportunities

for wildlife observation.

Traditional cooking

Rhodope cuisine is a unique blend of culinary history, local culture and traditions using mainly fresh and locally made products.

Discover a variety of traditional recipes and delicious cooking of our local hosts.

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Practical information

Take advantage of our first hand practical advices about the journey of your dreams in Bulgaria and Rhodopes mountains.

Here you read curious facts about Cyrillic alphabet and every-day habits like nodding in Bulgaria.

Detailed information about tourist centres and places where you find information on everything you need for your perfect trip to the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains.

Useful information about Shops/Banks/Restaurants/Hospitals.

The hospitality of local people in the Eastern Rhodopes is admirable - read the first hand experience from our guests.

With us you find the best local guidance providing professional knowledge about the Rhodopes mountains.