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August 18, 2018by Mihaela Kircheva0

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With several dramatic mountain ranges, superb beaches, numerous historic towns and a web of working villages with traditions straight out of the nineteenth century, Bulgaria has a wealth of attractions crammed into a relatively compact country. More than anything else, this is a land of adventures: once you step off the beaten track, road signs and bus timetables often disappear (or are only in Cyrillic), and few people speak a foreign language, but almost everyone you meet will be determined to help you on your way.

Great-value skiing, glorious beaches and marvellous monasteries 
Where to go in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s image has altered dramatically in recent years, thanks largely to the modernization of the country’s tourist infrastructure coupled with soaring foreign interest in inexpensive rural and coastal properties. Independent travel is common: costs are relatively low, and for the committed there is much to take in. Romantic National Revival era architecture is a particular draw, with Koprivshtitsa, Bansko and Plovdiv foremost amongst examples of the genre. The monasteries are stunning too – the finest, Rila, should be on every itinerary, while for city life aim for Sofia, Plovdiv, and the cosmopolitan coastal resorts of Varna and Burgas.

Bachkovski monastery
The monastery near the village of Bachkovo, Western Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Mihaela Kircheva
Things not to miss in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Yogurt

Bulgarian yogurt
Bulgarian yogurt, photo credit: Mihaela Kircheva

Must sample the delicious and smooth Bulgarian yoghurt (kiselo mlyako), one of the gastronomic highlights of the country, renowned for its health benefits.

Bird Watching

The country is a paradise for ornithologists, particularly the areas of Srebarna, Madzharovo and the lakes around Burgas.


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Griffon Vulture
Griffon Vulture, Bird Photography, Eastern Rhodope, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Didi Andreeva

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