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August 10, 2020by Mihaela Kircheva0

Bulgaria is a destination most frequently associated with strong booze and world-class skiing resorts. However, if you are ready to overlook the mass tourist itineraries you will find vast swathes of pine forest coating the undulating hills and mountains, occasionally interrupted by charming farming communities and Thracian villages.

Egyptian vulture
Egyptian vulture, Neophron percnopterus, Madzharovo, Eastern Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria, endangered species

The stunning Rhodope Mountains stretch across southern Bulgaria reaching parts of northern Greece. Well and truly off the beaten path – it is one of the last remaining places in Europe to see brown bears, lynx and a fine array of birds of prey in the wild. Embark upon
your Bulgarian adventure and allow Gabi Tours to take you on a remarkable journey deep into the wilderness.

Stone roof
Stone roof, Eastern Rhodope, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Todor Mitkov

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