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If you want to support sustainable development, buy from a local company.

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Responsible travel has always been part of our mission and way of working.

In 2009 we created a regional tourism brand under the New Thracian Gold project. It was challenging, but rewarding process for the local entrepreneurs since the local tourism network behind the brand remained sustainable and created a new responsible & nature-based economy.

Rebuilding perspectives is a regional association, established by five members of the New Thracian Gold network. The initiatives and projects of the association are devoted to supporting local tourism economy, work with young people and informal education through travel and outdoor activities (learning by doing).

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Main purpose of the association is to maintain the New Thracian Gold network and support the activities of its members, but more specifically:

– to maintain the TransRhodopi long-distance hiking and biking trail (tracks, marking, maps, partners on the route, etc),
– to support local entrepreneurs with web marketing, business advisory and networking,
– to prepare young people and new entrepreneurs for life and professional career by stimulating them to stay and revibe local villages, farming and economy,
– to support local events and initiatives through web marketing,
– to keep on providing services and developing products which benefit local communities and thus assure the sustainable development of the whole Rhodope area.

Financing the above mentioned causes comes from: donations, regional grants, sales of maps and guidebooks.

If you want to directly support local communities, nature based business and development of the amazing region of the Rhodope Mountains, we will be thankful to receive your donation in the following bank account:

Bulgarian Post Bank, office Kardzhali, IBAN: BG84BPBI81701606513236, BIC: BPBIBGSF


Our community-based network of tourism entrepreneurs is a proud member and partner of the following organizations:
Bulgarian Association for Altenative Tourism
Sultans trail
Rewilding Europe
Trip Advisor
Mihaela Lake Retreat
New Thracian Gold
Rewilding Rhodopes
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of birds
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