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Professional nature leaders, bird specialists, mountain guides, kayaking instructors - choose the local knowledge and first-hand experience.

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Our Professional Tour Leaders
Vasil Florov
Outdoor activities and water sports instructor.
Yordan Hristov
Professional nature leader, specialist in bird identification, wildlife photographer.
Alex Karadzhov
Mountain guide, specialist in rural and mountain hiking, photographer and nature lover.
Lyubomir Profirov
Bird Watching, Bird Counting, In-depth knowledge of ornithology.
Borislav Borisov
Ornithologist, Member of the BSPB, engaging storyteller, birding expert with extensive practical experience.
Tsvetomira Yotsova
Nature guide, Biologist, Interests in ornithology, conservation biology and ecological diversity.
Great Team
Solid professional expertise and digital marketing strategies are turned into a successful model of cooperative working.
Adventure Tours
Local culture and nature-based programs, connecting tourism entrepreneurs and supporting local economy.
Destination Management
Regional-established tourism organisation, maintaining the online presence and coordinating the tour products in the area.
Awesome Locations
Authentic culture and organic food, provided by the network of local tourism entrepreneurs.

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.

Mihaela Lake Retreat
New Thracian Gold
Rewilding Rhodopes
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of birds
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Our team

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