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An amazing opportunity is available for you to grab - visit Bulgaria as a volunteer.

Sun Farm CampHelp a local farm

While helping the local farm & rural tourism development, you meet local people, face genuine culture and taste traditional cuisine.


All you need to take with you, is your skillful hands, abilities and desire to explore new ways to travel.

Camp Ground

Full set of facilities - bathroom with hot shower, toilet, outdoor tap water


Fully equipped summer kitchen and dining shelter


Food & beverage supplies are provided


Advisory from hosts, greetings and everyday support from local people

BECOME A VOLUNTEERWould you like to join?

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April 2021
You can choose between 2 periods to join in April 2021
Mowing, bush & dry tree branch cutting, digging & loading, broom brushing.
Old mosaic removal, shelter building, cementing, stone path making.
Decorating, varnishing, painting, sign making.
Local Culture
Time to visit sites of interest and face local culture.
All participants are given regional tourist maps, T-shirts and other presents on site.
Best part of being a volunteer is the communication with people from different countries and cultures.
Enjoy the Work
What we do must make us happy - sign up only if you're really fond of the volunteering idea.

Sign up and become a Volunteer

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    Call for Volunteers

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