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Home made food on request, fruits and vegetables from village gardens
Free WiFi, self-cooking, fire pit, bathroom, shower with hot water on site
Farm stay and tenting area

The Sun Farm Camp is a nature friendly camp site with a rabbit farm which is located in the village of Tankovo, South Bulgaria.

It is non-conventional and unusual rural space for a wonderful farming holiday. Guests enjoy the summer shelter with kitchenette, green yard for relax, bathroom with hot water and toilet. WiFi and parking lot available and free of charge.

Pastry making

Attractions and activities: working rabbit farm, farming attractions, mountain hiking, bird watching, wild herbs collecting, fishing, reading books in the shadow of a tree, outdoor games, etc.

Additional Info

The village of Tankovo is located at the footsteps of the Eastern Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria – 30 km from the city of Haskovo, 30 km from the city of Harmanli and 280 km from the capital Sofia (250 km on a high way).

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The Sun Farm Camp

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