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The Wild Farm

Gorno Pole is a small village located North of the town Madzharovo. This village would not be as well-known as it is now, if the Wild farm of Betty and Nicky was not situated...

Price: 20,00 EUR

Location: Madzharovo, Gorno pole

Trakia Guest House

Popovets is a small village in the middle North of the Eastern Rhodopes. It can be described as one that gives you the authentic Bulgarian farmers feeling. The square of Popovets...

Price: 9,50 EUR

Location: Stambolovo, Popovets

Trakia House HB

Take your place at a wooden table in a cosy guest house and be amazed about a traditional Bulgarian dish cooked by the hospitable woman of the house. The hosts will make sure that...

Price: 15,00 EUR

Location: Stambolovo, Popovets

Melanya Mountain Retreat

Melanya Mountain Retreat is our environmentally friendly, self-sufficient home where we run B&B from a separate self-contained holiday apartment in the beautiful Bulgarian...

Price: 38,00 EUR

Location: Ardino, Lyubino