BBQ with lamb (Cheverme)

Location: Stambolovo, Tankovo

The Sun Farm Camp is situated in the village of Tankovo, 30 km East of Haskovo.

Lamb BBQ goes together with sightseeing of the farm, and wine tasting of local types of wine.

The organic meal comes directly from the farm's kitchen and products are all locally grown. Lunch is served in a beautiful authentic style shelter nicely decorated with old pictures and tools from ancient Bulgarian history. It's not only a meal - it's an authentic experience and travel back in times.

With some Rakia, a typical drink that is branded by a local producer, as well as a seasonal salad and dessert, the evening will pass by in a cosy and pleasant way.

The cheverme is normally prepared for a group of at least 8 people. The price listed is per person.

Price: 15,00 EUR