BBQ with lamb (Cheverme)

Location: Stambolovo, Popovets

The vineyard of Dimo is situated very near to Popovets, the village where the guesthouse is located.

After a walk of fifteen minutes you will arrive at the vineyard. It could also be by car - it takes more or less 5 minutes. Dimo brings you with his “limousine” (an old, small white Suzuki) over the black road to a place besides the vineyard. Here he has build a beautiful and relaxing place for a rest or picnic, including a fresh water fountain, a place for barbequeing and a place where a Bulgarian lamb from a farmer in Popovets can be grilled above the fire (this is called ‘cheverme’).

With some Rakia, a typical drink that is branded by Dimo himself, as well as a seasonal salad and dessert, the evening will pass by in a cosy and pleasant way.

The cheverme is normally prepared for a group of at least 8 people. The listed price is per person.

Price: 15,00 EUR