Black Vultures Photography Hide Kostilkovo

Location: Ivaylovgrad, Pelevun

The entire Eastern Rhodopes are very famous for bird watching. Many impressive species like Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture and even Black Vulture can be seen here. Also different kind of Eagles can be spotted here. The photography hidenear Kostilkovo is the only place in the Bulgarian Rhodope mountains where you can see the Black vulture from a short distance and take amazing shots with your camera.

This hide has windows on two sides showing different sceneries, four chairs and indoor compost toilet. There is not only a chance for birds, but also for Jackal!

The price is for renting the hide, feeding the vultures and transportation by a 4x4 vehicle. Package breakfast is also possible on request.

The maximum people staying in the hide is 4 pax.

Price: 160,00 EUR