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Lake Kerkini is an artificial lake in Northern Greece, Prefecture of Central Macedonia which was created and turned into paradise for marsh birds like Dalmatian Pelican, Greater Flamingo and Pygmy Cormorant.

Lake Kerkini is one of the most adorable nature places in Greece. Delicate ecosystem was put into a fine management from the local authorities which lead to great benefits for the sustainable development of the region. The lake is some 15km long and lies in the footsteps of the Belasitsa Mountains. It is a bordering mountain between Bulgaria and Greece – located West of the Rhodope Mountains.

Lake Kerkini is an excellent example for a beneficial cooperaion – both for man and nature.


Lake Kerkini is one of the most important wetlands in Greece for breeding waterbirds. The bird population is impressive, including rare and endagered species. Kerkini hosts more than 300 bird species. 140 permanently leave here and another 170 coming breed or just stop on migratory routes to the rest of Europe.

Dalmatian Pelican


Best time to visit

One of the best time to visit Lake Kerkini is in spring when flocks of Dalmatian Pelicans can be seen. They come to Kerkini from wetlands of Vistonidas and Evros delta to breed and go back to spend the winter.

All in one

It is remarkable that all the variety of bird species can be seen in one place and with one boat stroll. In other birding areas, although the birding list is high, birds can be spread over a quite large area. In Kerkini, especially in springtime, the lake is dotted with flocks of coot and many species of duck and great-crested grebes.


Lake Kerkini

Culinary Greece

There’s never been a better time to dine in Greece. It’s a hotbed of seasonal and locally sourced cuisine – with tavernas growing vegetables in their own gardens or buying from local farms, sourcing meats and seafood from nearby sustainable outfits, and embracing artisanal everything, from tea herbs and tsipuro distilling to olive oil- and cheese-making.

Kerkini map

Area (varies in seasons):
54 to 72 km²
35 m
Bird population:
Over 305 species
Fish population:
Over 300 species
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Lake Kerkini

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