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Sakar is an area of majestic raptors and some of the largest vineyards in Bulgaria. Low agricultural land, mixed with oak forests and open lanscape.
Nature on European Scale

Efforts of local naturalists go for promotion of the importance of nature conservation in Europe, especially regarding the habitat of the Imperial Eagle. Sakar Mountain in southeast Bulgaria features its extraordinary biodiversity. Sakar is one of the last strongholds of the Imperial Eagle. This majestic bird of prey is considered extinct in many European countries.

Wildlife of Sakar

The nature routes of Sakar bring you to the best and most unscathed parts of the mountain where birds are the main attraction. The greatest attraction is the healthy population of the majestic Eastern Imperial Eagle, as well as the good number of Lesser Kestrel.

Looming behind the hills, the rolling, half-open Sakar hills provide a scenic setting for bird watching and admiring the view. More into the plain, the village of Levka has the only demonstration and information center for protection and close observation of the Lesser Kestrel in Bulgaria.

600 km²
Highest peak:
Vishegrad, 856 m
Bordering with:
Greece, Turkey
Check point:
Kapitan Andreevo, Kapitan Petko Voivoda
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Sakar Mountains

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