Hike Thracian Tombs

Location: Madzharovo, Gorno pole

With a distance of 10 km from the Wild Farm in the village of Gorno Pole a Thracian Tomb is located. It is part of the Momina skala nature site. 

After a nice walk through the landscape while following a marked route you will arrive at a Thracian tomb. This walk contains a smooth climb up a mountain and offers therefore a nice view along the way.

The walk is considered as quite tough and is therefore not recommended for children. The walk can be done under the guidance of the local guide. First you will drive to a place near the Arda river where you can park the car. From there the guide leads you through the exciting nature area and shows the hotspots of nature and wildlife.

Minimum participants required: 2 pax

This tour is available in: spring or autumn

Transport by car is not included in the price.

Price: 15,00 EUR