Museum in Borislavtsi

Location: Madzharovo, Borislavtsi

In the small village of Borislavtsi a museum about the history of Bulgaria is located. Here are old farm aides shown, traditional clothes, minerals, former Bulgarian money, relicts from communism and other interesting things.

Some of the people who work at the museum can speak English and will provide you
with interesting information about the history of the villages in Madzharovo region.

The museum is officially named "Hristo Cholakov" after its founder who is a local guy from the village of Borislavtsi.

The entrance fee includes a lecture about the history of the village and the Rhodopes mountains.

Available all year round.

The visit of the museum can be combined with a visit of the tahini factory in the same village of Borislavtsi.

Price: 1,50 EUR