How it works

Select a category - activities/experiences (you find these on right upper corner at the homepage) provided by our network partners. The items listed in that category will be shown on our interactive map.

Choose your preferred activity - click on an icon, so that an explanation box to show up in the right corner square box. If you want a detailed information, click on "Read more" link. A full information page describes the activity in details. You start to plan your journey by clicking the "Add this activity to your journey" green button.

Choosing an activity was never easier - just click on the "Start your own journey now" green button. Wherever on the web page you are, the click on the "Start your own journey now" or "Add this activity to your journey" button leads you to the travel planner.

Choose the date when you plan your journey to begin.

Answer the question if you want to book a single activity or you would like to plan a multi-day journey (this will create more planning options for your holiday).

If you choose a single activity the booking form will show. Just follow the steps. Your request will be received at our office and we will check the availability of the activity with our partners. A confirmation e-mail will be send back to you.

If you choose a multi-day journey a travel planner will pop up. You are free to add as much activities as you want ordering them day by day.

You can choose only one accommodation place per day.

When your travel planner is completed, click on the "Submit your journey" button.

Your booking form will be sent to our tourist officer for approval. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and further booking details.

You can also search activities in the search box on your top right page corner. Activities can be searched by locations, names or categories. Just write the key word in the search box and press "enter".