Top 10 adventures

There is more than one adventure to experience in the Rhodope mountains. Get inspired by stunning scenery, fascinating authentic culture and amazing outdoor activities with this short list of a few must do things in the Eastern Rhodopes:

1. Birds observation and photography from a wildlife hide.

2. Mountain Biking - If you are into adventure, a fall back in time, then the TransRhodope mountain trail is just for you. The mosaic terrain together with beautiful scenery and diverse landscape, creates a spectacular playground for mountain bikers.

3. Canoe safari in the lake Studen kladenets, Eastern Rhodopes

4. Wildlife hiking safari - a great way to experience the real wild life of the Eastern Rhodope on foot. Our wildlife safaris are perfect for all active and adventurous people who love diving in the wild nature.

5. Wild horses watching tours - this wildlife safari is combined jeep/on foot and takes you to some of the most remote corners of Europe where you meet only local shepherds, waking turtles in the bushes and of course roaming horses in the wild. 

6. Farm adventures - explore our farms while venture through the sesame fields, meet the animals, taste cheese, harvest honey and make jam. Learn more about the rural life in the Rhodopes while participating in the farm activities and traditions.

7. Climbing Veikata peak - this is a full day hiking on the border trail (Bulgaria-Greece) in the impressive mountain ridge of the Gyumyurdzhinski Snezhnik protected site. The trail leads you to remote peaks with stunning views over the mountains all the way down to the Aegean sea to the south and tge river Arda valley to the north.

8. Horse/donkey riding

9. Hiking in the diverse nature of the Eastern Rhodopes might be challenging but trully adventurous with our extensive oak forests, rocky cliffs, marshlands, river plains and spectacular panoramas.

10. Authentic experience - these are very special adventures where you explore wine cellars, bread festivals, mummers, backpipes, folklore and all the colourful mixture of traditions and culture, provided to you directly from our local people.