Videos from the Rhodope Mountains

Adventures at the Wild Farm in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains

In the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains of Bulgaria, there is a special non-convention farm producing organic food, grazing free ranged animals and organizing great experience for their guests.

The magic curves of the river Arda in the Rhodopes mountains

Gorgeous panoramic views from a hang glider

Trans Rhodope - the long distance trail in the Rhodopes Mountains

The Trans Rhodope trail is a 500 km long mountain bike adventure. The trail is for all active people to experience beauty, solitude and scenery of the Rhodope mountains. It is also for long-distance hikers.

Tarpan - Repainting An Ancient Picture - the Trailer

This is the trailer for the upcoming documentary film by Horsefly Films, featuring the second in the series of their RARE EQUINE TRUST.

Bird watching in Bulgaria

The Rhodope Mountains are rich in volcanic rock complexes, high biodiversity and old farming practices. The mosaic landscape and local naturalists provide high quality birdwatching possibilities which makes from your Rhodope adventure an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the magnificient flight of the Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures and Black vultures.

Souslics in the Sun - Bulgarian Wildlife

Sousliks in The Sun is a trailer of the film of Paul Wetton, looking at the wildlife in Southern Bulgaria, Eastern Rhodopes Mountains

Rafting in the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains

Rafting is one of the best adrenaline adventures in the lakes and rivers of the Rhodope Mountains

The Rhodope - the Mountain of Orpheus

Eastern Rhodopes Mountains in Bulgaria

See some of the treasures of the Rhodopes, catched with the camera of the New Thracian Gold project

Bulgarian Wolves

Bulgaria is reputed to be one of the few remaining strongholds of wolves in Europe. The trailer was shot in the Rhodopes Mountains.