Rope Garden Madzharovo

Location: Madzharovo, Madzharovo

Have you always longed for Tarzan or Jane for a short moment, then you have to try the rope garden. This rope garden is located 50 m from the Arda Beach in Madzharovo. It is a wooden construction and ropes high in the poplar trees.

Take a helmet and safety belt and start the challenge. Climb upwards in the first tree like an athletic monkey and try to find your balance over the cables to the next trees. At the finish of your circuit you can either choose for the cable way back down or for jumping and hanging between the trees while being lowered by the instructors. And watch out! If you did this once, you will try it more and more! For young children there is a possibility to swing between two trees, an exciting experience.

The price is per person.

This activity is available in: spring, summer, autumn

Price: 3,00 EUR