The Wild Farm

Location: Madzharovo, Gorno pole

Gorno Pole is a small village located North of the town Madzharovo. This village would not be as well-known as it is now, if the Wild farm of Betty and Nicky was not situated here. They are an important hotspot for every tourist visiting Madzharovo region. The family takes care of an enormous herd off traditional Rhodopi Short Horn Cattle which roam free in the nature around the farm. The dishes served are completely produced with organic meat and vegetables from their own garden. The honey in your mountain tea is produced in their beehives which you can find two kilometres away in the forest. Betty is everywhere in and around the house and
garden and to find Nicky you must take a look between the herd!

The Wild Farm is not looking like what you expect when you hear this term. It is definitely a farm and it is wild, but it is also a beautiful and luxurious location to stay for one or more nights as a tourist.
The house lays in a beautiful location with view upon a mountain. The decoration of the house is very traditional and sophisticated. Every part of the house is kept nice and clean and the garden is very good-looking with many beautiful chosen flowers and a wide diversity of butterflies. For accommodation you can stay in one of the rooms in the main house, but there are four other accommodation places located in the village of Gorno Pole.

The price is per person in a double/twin room, breakfast, parking lot, and WiFi included.

Additional info: Gorno Pole is a small village, but it has a small supermarket with the most important basic needs like bread, rice and water, but that is it. For a little bigger market you have to drive to Madzharovo, the closest town. Keep in mind that there is no cash machine in the area nearby. The nearest cash machine can be found in Kardzhali and Haskovo (both more than one hour driving).

Price: 20,00 EUR