Wildlife Watching Zornitsa Hide

Location: Studen Kladenets , Studen Kladenets reserve

The Eastern Rhodopes are well known by bird watchers, especially birds of prey and Vultures can be seen often. You just have to walk or drive around a bit near rocky cliffs to see the Griffon Vultures circling above your head. Even more interesting is of course to see them on eye level. This is possible in the Zornitsa hide, located one hour driving from the guesthouse in game reserve Studen Kladenets.

You will be driven by a 4x4 car over a heavy black road, a beautiful trip through the wild landscape of Studen Kladenets. With some nice stops to watch the panoramic scenery and see the birds already flying this is a really interesting ride. When you arrive very early in the morning, a cadaver is in front of the hide. Go in
the hide, prepare your camera with the good settings and take place on the seat. Wait for the first Griffon Vultures and you can start making the most wonderful pictures of these impressive birds on a very small distance. Some other birds can be seen as well, like the Egyptian Vulture, Black Vulture and Eagles. And maybe if you have your lucky day a Grey Wolf will pass by!

The price is rental of the hide, feeding for the vultures and 4x4 vehicle including. Overnight stay is also possible on request.

The maximum people staying in the hide is 4 pax.

Price: 180,00 EUR