Wolf Watching Tour

Location: Studen Kladenets , Studen Kladenets reserve

Studen Kladenets is a popular living area for Grey Wolves. When the night falls you have chance to hear them barking from the waterside. When you walk around a bit you might see some footprints in the sandy road and if you are lucky some Wolf droppings. These are all interesting signs of the Wolves, but what is more exciting than a face-to-face meeting with this animal from fairytales? The local guides know the good places where you are probably able to spot them, but it is nature so it is all about luck.

One hour before sunrise you will be driven by car over the black road, and at one point they will park the car from where you will continue the road on foot through the bushes and where you will see Fallow Deer hiding away. Finally you end up at a small open grassland and the time is left for listening, being quiet and watching carefully in the direction of the valley with binoculars, waiting for the moment
of truth.
Except for Wolf tours you can also hire a guide for watching birds and wildlife but also for a hike tours in Studen kladenets reserve.

The price is English speaking guide and transport be jeep including.

Maximum participants in this tour can be 4 people.

The activity is available from April to August.

Price: 105,00 EUR