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Bulgaria is in the top 10 countries to visit in 2014, according to the Rough guides .

And the Rhodope Mountains are named in for biking and bird watching.

Usually Bulgaria is known as an affordable destination for winter skiing and summer beach holidays. But the Rough guides also point out other places of interest that make Bulgaria worth visiting.

reservoir Kardzhali
Kardzhali reservoir in Eastern Rhodopi Mountains, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Mihaela Kircheva


What are the top features in Bulgaria according to the Rough guides?

Fabulous beaches, balmy weather, low prices, pretty historic towns and friendly people – Bulgaria is an intriguing destination. A sort of cheaper alternative to Croatia it is currently far less touristy.

The Black Sea resorts pull in the most visitors, but skiing, hiking and mountain biking are becoming increasingly popular, especially on the mountain massif of Vitosha outside Sofia, the Rhodope Mountains in the south and the towering granite peaks of the Rila.

Mountain biking
Biking in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Mihaela Kircheva
Guide to the Rhodope Mountains
Map and guidebook
Eastern Rhodopi map and guidebook

The New Thracian Gold team developed a hiking/biking map and tourist guide for the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. Buy it from mapfox.de and plan your adventure holiday to this fabulous destination right away!

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Bulgaria in the top 10 countries for 2014

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