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Pelevun house

Pelevun, destination IvaylovgradKaloyanovi Kashti

Border village of Pelevun hosts rare birds, exotic nature and friendly people. This rural guest house features their own sheep farm and fresh garden products.

Tankovo, destination StambolovoSun Farm Camp

Unusual campsite, organised in a traditional village, with cob&stones shelter, fireplace and a cooking area. Authentic, farming and outdoors are the main features.
Popovets house

Popovets, destination StambolovoTrakia guest house

This house was a former tobacco shop and the building still keep the athmosphere from the old times. Renovated, clean, bright rooms, traditional feeling, rural spirit.
Gnyazdovo retreat

Destination Studen kladenetsMihaelaLake Retreat

Beautiful cottage, perched on the top of a small village with an amazing view at Studen Kladenets reservoir
Wild farm

Gorno pole, destination MadzharovoThe Wild Farm

Nature-oriented bed&breakfast, beautiful views over the Arda bend, half open landscape, plenty of wildflowers, butterflies and scrublland birds.
Melania mountain retreat

Lyubino, destination KardzhaliMelanya Mountain Retreat

Private self-contained holiday apartment in an exclusive rural environment. Experience a remote mountain retreat with complete peace of mind.
Mihaela Lake Retreat
New Thracian Gold
Rewilding Rhodopes
Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of birds
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