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Dragoman is the biggest karst lake in Bulgaria, comprising a wetland of an outstanding European value.
High on History

Dragoman is the biggest karst lake in Bulgaria, comprising a wetland of an outstanding European value. It was artificially made a dry land in the 30-s for agricultural purposes. Then, in the 90-s, the Wildlife Association “Balkani” ,which is behind the Information centre “Dragoman Marsh” , started to restore the waterland and recover a number of bird species.

A wooden path rings the lake and offer a wild selection of water birds. You can admire scenery views from the birding tower.

Grey heron
wetland birds
Wetland Paradise

Dragoman Marsh features 2 km of wooden walking path, panoramic views of wetlands and abundance of water birds.

Birders and nature lovers frequent its trail and nature guides lead hands-on environmental stories for groups and individuals. The highlight resources of the marsh are the ferruginous duck (Aythya nyroca) and the corncrake (Crex crex).

Birders can be seen throughout the year with their binoculars and spotting scopes looking for Egrets, Ducks, Osprey, hawks and falcons.

Dragoman marsh. Photo credit: Dario Dionisi
Karst System

In karst areas, the fractured limestone rock formations have been dissolved by flowing groundwater to form cavities, pipes, and conduits. Sinkholes, caves, sinking streams, and springs signal the presence of underground drainage systems in karstlands.

The marsh gives home to 226 bird species, 126 of which nest here. The Via Aristotelis passes through the marsh, so it is of utmost importance for migrating waterfowl.

Birding point. Photo credit: Dario Dionisi

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