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RhodopeMountains' Story

Network of local entrepreneurs working for the sustainable future of Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

The team behind the website “rhodopemountains.eu” consists of sustainable tourism professionals and experts on wildlife and nature management. We started our common work in the Eastern Rhodope mountains by creating the New Thracian Gold network under a project funded by the Dutch postcode lottery.

The project started in 2009 and finished in 2014. A tourism destination brand “New Thracian Gold” was created and a network of local tourism entrepreneurs established. This website is the tourism platform of the New Thracian Gold network and brand in the Eastern Rhodopes, providing you the oportunity to support the sustainable development of this region by simply choosing tours and services from our network partners.

Eastern Rhodopes
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Our Mission

Passion for wildlife, natural grazing, local culture and outdoor activities.

The website “rhodopemountains.eu” is managed by the Bulgarian company Travcobg Ltd . We specialise in assisting travelers to experience the genuine Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria and Greece. All the tours listed on this website are developed and conducted in partnership with local entrepreneurs.

Incomes from tour sales go to:

  • maintaining this web page and the network’s web page “newthraciangold.eu
  • maintaining the TransRhodopi trail for hiking and biking
  • coordinating news and events, concerning local entrepreneurs, supporting local festivals and performing folklore groups
  • digital marketing for the Eastern Rhodope destination

Since 2005 we have focused on creating a sustainable economy to provide a greener future for the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. With the financial help of different donor projects our team stimulated many local people in small villages to start their own enterprises and to develop guesthouses and interesting tourism activities. Thus we created a community-based network of tourism entrepreneurs who are willing to take care for the future of this small part of the world.


Sustainable tourism professionals, wildlife experts, outdoor sports instructors and nature guides.
Alexander Karadzhov
Tour manager, leader on hiking and nature tours, landscape and wildlife photographer.
Vasil Florov
Mountain guide, biking and kayaking instructor, ski & wind-surf trainer
Yordan Hristov
Professional wildlife leader, perfect birding indentification, nature photographer.

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