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Rhodope mountain range is the most Ancient feature of all in Bulgaria and the Balkans. In this secret corner of the European continent a colourful mixture of Slavic and Turkish people lives. The Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria is one of the last remaining places in Europe to see wolves, brown bears, lynx and birds of prey in the wild.
Protected sites

Big parts of the Rhodope Mountains are covered by a Natura 2000 site or protected area. Nevertheless most of these areas are freely accessible for people, so for tourism as well. The protected sites host many spectacular plant and wildlife species which will attract the eco tourist. The Rhodopes cover the highest biodiversity of Europe. An impressive scenery for tourists who can enter the nature areas with the guidance of our local professional English speaking guides.

Picnic places

In the nature areas several picnic places can be found. Mostly in the neighbourhood of parking places and interesting historical sites. Those picnic places exist of an open wooden building with roof and wooden table. For tourists these are good places for a rest and to escape the burning sun for a moment.

Running water

Of high value is the enormous amount of water fountains in the Eastern Rhodopes. The local people will tell you that when someone in the family dies, the family builds a fountain at a memorial place. The number of these fountains is high and during most of the hikes in nature, you will pass by at least one fountain. Especially during the hot season this is very pleasant.

Western Rhodope
Botany Tour
Wild camping
Local guidance
Bear Watching

Our guides are local people with professional knowledge about the region. They are English speaking and provide you with information about the history and traditions of the area, about the nature; wildlife, flora and fauna.

Information panels

These are placed on central / crossing sites where a lot of tourists pass by or where we thought there would be a need for such an information corner for our visitors. Information panels are also to be found in major cities, towns and villages. Some guest houses also act as points of information – see our accommodation partners.

Yagodina view point
14,735 km²
Highest point:
Golyam Perelik, 2,191 m
Bordering with:
Border passes:
Zlatograd, Makaza, Ivaylovgrad
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