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One of Europe’s most spectacular birds - the Wallcreeper and Nutcracker breeds in the majestic rock cliffs of Trigrad gorge in Bulgaria.

Trigrad gorge is famous to be one of Bulgaria’s most dramatic scenery. Steap vertical cliffs rise more than 50 meters up. The whitwater river of Trigrad rages in the foot of the mountain. And the small country road is so narrow, that you have the feeling the rocks will crash on you any moment. Pristine nature is home to the charming wallcreeper.

If Trigrad is your introduction to the Rhodope Mountains, prepare yourself for the unfogettable adventure.

The region has a spiritual energy, limited public transport and the cleanest air to breath. One of the creepiest caves is located in the mountain depths – it is called the Devil’s troat.

77.99 km²
1200 m
685 (2011)
River of Trigrad
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Trigrad Gorge

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