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640€ per person
7 Days
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BEYOND WORDS Experience Rhodopean Coast

This unforgettable 7 days kayaking adventure leads you to some of the most pristine sites in the Eastern Rhodope mountains. The combination of paddling and exploring nature is memorable.
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What's included

Eastern Rhodope , Ivaylovgrad , Studen kladenets Discover Destinations
Departure Location
Kardzhali, Bulgaria
Return Location
Kardzhali, Bulgaria
Price includes
  • Camping equipment
  • Camping space
  • Daily luggage transfers
  • Half board meals
  • Kayak equipment
  • Specialist English speaking tour guide
  • Transport to start and departure point
  • Unlimited bottled water
Price does not include
  • Entrance tickets to sites of interest
  • Flights to Bulgaria and back
  • Lunches/picnics as described
  • Medical insurance and emergency insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
  • Tips to guide and driver

If you like tenting under the stars, sharing good thoughts with friends and colouring your mind in front of the campfire, then this is your kind of adventure.

reservoir Kardzhali
Kardzhali reservoir in Eastern Rhodopi Mountains, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Mihaela Kircheva

Dramatic Backgrounds

Continously the rugged 1400m-high Eastern Rhodope Mountains provides a dramatic background. Hot spots include the wildlife-buzzing lake of Studen Kladenets and Mediterranean-flavoured lake Ivaylovgrad. But if it’s relaxation you’re after when kayaking, there are seductive sandy beaches and hidden pebbly coves. Best of all, the Eastern Rhodopes are usually warmer than other parts of Bulgaria. You can plunge into the blue waters from the middle of May right up until the end of September.

Kayak Arda canyon
Paddling through Arda canyon, Madzharovo area, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Vasil Florov

Kayak Paddling

Kayak boats can paddle between unpopulated gulfs without a shred of development, lost in dreams of the Rhodope of old, while in the afternoon, after water adventure, you can wander lonely trails where fox and deer still dwell, and explore some of the Eastern Rhodope’s most impressive nature areas, which shelter in the hinterland.

Kayak Studen kladenets
Kayak and wetland birs in lake Studen kladenets, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Kiril Makarov

Magnificent lake Studen kladenets

Yet one location understandably eclipses any discussion of Eastern Rhodope: the remarkable Studen Kladenets reservoir. Ringed by mighty green hills that dip their feet in the cerulean waters, the lake encapsulates the very essence of a Mediterranean birding population. Lake Studen Kladenets is simply unique; its beauty is bewitching, its setting sublime. Not many visitors paddle and boat along its blue waters every season, but those who do, gaze, gasp and happily snap away.

Waterfall SK
Hidden waterfall, Studen kladenets, Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria. Photo credit: Kiril Makarov

In the evening, refresh yourself on the shady paths of Studen kladenets reseve or, if that doesn’t do the trick, the divine wine and fresh lake fish surely will.

Kayak Kardzhali
Kayak in lake Kardzhali. Photo credit: Kiril Makarov
  • Day 1
  • Days 2 - 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7
Day 1

Lake Kardzhali

Departure point is the city of Kardzhali from where you will be transferred by bus to the starting point of the kayaking trip - lake Kardzhali.

Days 2 - 4

lake Kardzhali - lake Studen kladnets

Every day will let you experience the divine beauty of Eastern Rhodope Mountains and its rich history. Wildlife diversity is one of the highest in Europe - here is the kingdom of the birds of prey. The kayak experience in day 2 will capture your mind with dramatic scenery of mountains that rise from the lake shores. You will be unfolded the exciting story of the wetlands in the Eastern Rhodope being part of the biggest river in South Bulgaria - Arda river. Day 3 will reveal before your eyes the impressive wall of the lake Kardzhali with its special round form and 109 m height. Then a short lunch break in the city of Kardzhali will let you dive in the local colourful life. Afternoon paddling in the second lake in this paddling trip will surprise you with spectacular setting of dramatic green slopes, Thracian remains of prophecies on the rocks and majestic fortress walls on top of the mountain hills. Blue lake water surrounded by picturesque shores and rich flora welcomes you to jump into the kayak and paddle. Rare birds like griffon vulture and black stork roam in the sky. Many herons and cormorants will also share this lake adventure. You will arrive on the shores of a small island where the Follow deer is the host - dozen of them roam freely on the island and give a birth to their babies here. This is a land of absolute peace, managed by the nature itself.

Day 5

Arda river

The impressive start of the fifth day will load you up with energy for all day long. Abrasive mineral rocks on Arda river is a place likened to the moon surface. A deep canyon was formed in the rocks by the river flow. The sharp abrasive minerals brought by the the frantic water pace, furrowed the rock surface into tiny sharp fragments. Paddling in the canyon surrounded by these impressive rocks is breathtaking. The kayak trip goes ahead to discover the great area of the ancient volcano of Madzharovo. The river meanders through green forests and rich wildlife territories reaching the dramatically sculpted volcanic rocks. Your eyes will become green and your soul - white of all this beauty.

Day 6

Lake Ivaylovgrad

On this day you make a memorable crossing of Ivaylovgrad lake which features exceptional experience and wild nature. If you need an escape from the noisy modern life, this lake is the perfect location for you. Impressive rocks rise from the water and romantic gulfs capture your eyes and soul. Hidden in the forest camp sites give you opportunity to relax in solitude. The final destination is the end of the lake which comes with a nice meadow for the last camping.

Day 7

Roman vila and back to departure point

On the last day of this amazing kayaking adventure you will visit the Ancient Roman villa Armira (destination Ivaylovgrad) to discover more hidden secrets of past and present in this incredibly diverse mountain.

A small bus will transfer the group back to the city of Kardzhali. Expected time of arrival in Kardzhali is 14:00 o'clock.

More about Eastern Rhodope Discover Eastern Rhodope

The Eastern Rhodopes are a truly mosaic of various landscapes – grasslands, waterlands, deciduous woods, coniferous forest and rocky cliffs. Our nature areas have particular habitats for plants, birds and animals offering unique opportunities for wildlife observation.

More about Ivaylovgrad Discover Ivaylovgrad

Located in the most southern part of the Rhodopes, the area of Ivaylovgrad enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Olive trees and Laurel show it. Here you can find some of the most virgin forests in Bulgaria.

More about Studen kladenets Discover Studen kladenets

Surface – 15 995 hectares. A water reservoir established in the rocky defile of the Arda River, with vertical cliffs, steep banks covered by scant vegetation and the adjacent maintain hills. It is located between the town of Kardzhali and the village of Studen Kladenets. The Natura 2000 site Studen Kladenets supports 219 bird species. Seven rare species, typical for the Mediterranean zone, occur there: Black-eared Wheatear, Olive-tree Warbler, Sub-alpine Warbler, Sardinian Warbler, Rock Nuthatch, Masked Shrike and Black-headed Bunting. Studen Kladenets reservoir hosts 21 migrating and wintering waterbird species - few colonies of Griffon Vulture breed on the cliff banks of the reservoir, as well as Black Stork, Egyptian Vulture, Stone Curlew, Eagle Owl, Olive-tree Warbler and Masked Shrike. The area holds a significant on a European scale population of the Blue Rock Thrush.

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More about this tour

The tour is organized with a luggage transportation - a car is carrying the main luggage during the day. You bring only a small backpack with the basics for the day.

  • Tour type: Guided tour. Group tour. Vehicle supported.
  • Group size: 2 to 6 people, age 17+
  • Distance: average 20-40 km, approximately 6-8 hours per day
  • Start city: Kardzhali, Bulgaria
  • End city: Kardzhali, Bulgaria
  • Period: June or any requested dates from May to October - ask us.
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Paddle Kayak Adventure

640€ per person
7 Days
More than 1

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